tisdag 17 oktober 2017

10% av utländska "läkare" klarar tentorna.

10% av utländska "läkare" klarar tentorna.

”Förödande” få utländska läkare klarar proven för svensk läkarlegitimation

söndag 15 oktober 2017

Dags för USA att seriöst värdera FN etc.

 It’s Time for the United States to Grade the U.N. and Other International Organizations (full text)   (top)
…. Whether it’s the U.N. or other global institutions, the United States should regularly assess international organizations to see if they serve our priorities and collective goals effectively. ….

Two sober public servants are proposing just that ….  new Multilateral Aid Review Act would create an executive branch task force to assess 38 organizations, as well as a parallel peer review body, made up of experts appointed by the Republican and Democratic leaders of both the House and Senate. …

…. pick a few touchstones on which to grade both state-based agencies …. and hybrids that integrate private and civil society partners …  suggest five.

First, organizations must serve our nation’s and citizens’ interests. …. give the United States a large voice and a veto against mischief.
Second, it is worth testing whether bodies meet their own mandate. …. are they creeping away from their original intent?
Third, does an agency serve the basic values of the United States and of humankind? …. advance peace, prosperity, and pluralism? ….

Fourth, institutions need to be accountable and transparent. …. organizational processes should be open to scrutiny to avoid waste and graft. …..
Last …. worth trying to judge organizations’ comparative nimblenessSome organizations have a capacity to evolve effectively, like NATO after the Cold War welcoming former foes. ….  The reports of the Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network are as thorough as its name is difficult to say. Publish What You Fund offers exacting assessments of organizations’ relative transparency. …. other major Western governments assess multilateral agencies’ efficacy and alignment with their members’ global aims, just as the U.K. and Australia do. It would be fitting and responsible for the United States to do so too, and on a formal basis. …..

…. help the executive and legislative branches decide which agencies deserve taxpayers’ money most. …. indeed, a benefit of graded reports …. is that they demonstrably give those graded an incentive to improve. 

Israel ska fördubbla sin teknikkunniga arbetskraft på 10 år.

Något för Sverige att lära ifrån?

Israel aiming to double its tech workforce in a decade

Goal is to boost sector's employees from 270,000 to 500,000, and help startups stay in Israel and grow into full-fledged companies, Innovation Authority says in 2017 report

UAE, Israel Saudiarabien och Egypten supportar Trump mot Iran.

Sverige  emot Trump Trump1 och Israel är för, liksom ambassadör Bolton och Saudiarabien, Egypten, UAE. Åtskilliga arabstater är mer Trumpvänliga än vår utrikesblondin och vet lite bättre vad som händer i vår vida värld..


Trump expected to decertify Iran nuclear deal today

US President says Iran deal an 'embarrassment' to the US, gives Iran an easy path to nuclear weapons.

Experten Bolton säger:

'Trump signaled that he'll get out of the Iran deal'

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton says US President Trump 'is on the right path' and the deal will eventually be canceled.

Saudi king praises Trump's strategy on Iran

lördag 14 oktober 2017

Israel, USA hoppar av UNESCO men de kan få judisk chef.

Se också https://www.di.se/nyheter/usa-och-israel-lamnar-fn-organet-unesco/



     OCTOBER 13, 2017 20:1

    PARIS, Oct 12- The United Nations' cultural agency has selected France's Audrey Azoulay as its new director general, two diplomatic sources said on Friday.

    UNESCO's executive board voted 30 to 28 in favour of Azoulay, a former French culture minister, against Qatar's Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kawari.

    It will now be put forward for approval to UNESCO's 195 members on Nov. 10.

    Israel tänker till om skyddet mot Gaza.

    Som du ser länk länk försöker terroristgrupperna Fathas och Hamas "gå ihop" trots  att de senast kastade varann från taken. Gå hop trots att Hamas vägrar låta sina vapen kontrolleras av Abbas.  TT tror flinande att Israel ska lyda det att låta bli att försvara sig mot Hamasvapen och tunnlar. 


    The IDF’s Gaza Wall Might Change Hamas Strategy

    By October 12, 2017

    BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 612, October 13, 2017
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Time may be running out for one of Hamas’s main weapons against Israel: its cross-border terror tunnels. As Hamas loses its potency against Israel in Gaza, it is turning its attention to fanning the flames of terrorism in the West Bank.

    Asteroid i Sverige

    Asteroid passerade nära jorden

    har hamnat under svenska nyheter. Det säger allt om TTs  uppfattning av Sveriges väsentlighet i den stora stora världen. De har liknande skeva uppfattning om Israels väsentlighet, som har en storlek liknande  Sveriges trots de många fler kontakterna mellan Netetanyahu och t..ex. Trump och Putin.  Sverige oväsentligt även om man inte märker det från Wallströms alla totalt oväsentliga uttalanden..


    tisdag 10 oktober 2017

    Al Jazeera erkänner de har infíltrerat pro-Israeliska USA-grupper.

    Ganska intressant vinkling på saken, undrar om man ska tro mer på den eller eller TTs Tusen_och_en_Nattfantasier om Israel. Al Jazeera infilterar och därefter berättar om resultatet...

    Al Jazeera admits it planted -reporter in US pro-Israel groups

    News network says it will soon release documentary about pro-Israel activity in Washington 'through the eyes of an undercover reporter.'
    rerat Contact Editor
    Nitsan Keidar, 

    The Qatar-based Al Jazeera media network admitted that it planted an undercover reporter in pro-Israel organizations in Washington, and that it plans to broadcast a documentary about his activity.
    Earlier in 2017, the network had broadcast a series that caused a uproar - and even the dismissal of a diplomat at the Israeli embassy in London, after he was photographed talking about his ability to undermine the status of British lawmakers operating against Israel.
    The network's latest admission was made after a decision by the British regulator about complaints by Jewish organizations that the series created by Al Jazeera was tainted with anti-Semitism. The regulator ruled that the investigation was not anti-Semitic.
    Following the decision, Al-Jazeera hastened to publish that “At the very same time [as the London investigation] – and we can safely reveal this now – we had an undercover operative working in tandem in Washington, DC. With this UK verdict and vindication past us, we can soon reveal how the Israel lobby in America works through the eyes of an undercover reporter,” according to The Intercept.
    It should be noted that a number of Jewish organizations in Europe and the United States have pointed in recent months to possible “implants” that were trying to harm them. It was discovered in Britain, shortly before the broadcast of the Al Jazeera series, that an activist who joined pro-Israel activity in the United States was actually an extremist supporter of the Palestinian Arabs, and was identified as a participant in anti-Israel demonstrations in several European locations.

    Sisi ska skapa fred.

    Ligger nå nytt i detta?

    Israel asks US to plumb real motive behind Sisi-sponsored Palestinian talks

    söndag 8 oktober 2017

    Nästa gång ska IDF vinna över Hizbollah, inte bara vända andra kinden till.

    Israels Försvar tränar att vinna över Hizbollah och avliva terroristerna, inte bara utföra krigsspel. Israel har börjat inse att de måste sluta leka världens mest moraliska armé och utnyttja all sin kunnighet och teknik och Hizbollahs placering av sina vapen bland civilbefolkningen.

    IDF simulates war-to-win strategy vs Hizballah

    The IDF Tuesday, Sept. 5, embarked on its biggest military exercise against Hizballah in 19 years, with a radically revised mission in the face of a greatly empowered enemy (tanks and drones as well as 100,000 rockets and missiles) which is now embedded in Syria, not just in Lebanon.
    Tens of thousands of ground, air, sea and intelligence units, including reservists – the IDF’s entire northern array – will simulate a Hizballah thrust across the border to occupy two Israeli locales in Galilee and the Golan. They will conduct simultaneous defensive and offensive operations deep behind enemy lines. The game plan is not to aim for a ceasefire and respite for the enemy to prepare for the next round, as the 2006 Lebanon war ended. This time, Israel strategists have set themselves the goal of defeating Hizballah convincingly enough to smash its morale and infrastructure and end its belief that it can destroy Israel the next time round
    The exercise’s three military objectives are clearly laid out:
    1.  Two sectors are defined for repelling a deep Hizballah thrust into northern Israel; (see map)
    (a)  Hizballah is expected to go for the Metulla-Misgav sector on the Lebanese border, as well as the “Fatma Road” linking the Galilee hills north of Kiryat Shemona along the Israeli-Lebanese border.
    (b)  Zarit-Shetula in western Galilee north of Nahariya, which is close enough to the Lebanese border for Hizballah troops to reach by land and through tunnels.
    Israeli forces will practice driving the enemy out of occupied towns and villages, often using the element of surprise.
    2. Another major IDF force will storm across the border into Lebanon for an effort to rapidly and decisively defeat Hizballah on its home ground. The defensive operation apart, the IDF is resolved to inflict on the enemy intolerable losses of life, infrastructure and territory.
    This fighting-to-win strategy draws heavily on the negative lessons of the 2006 war, debkafile’s military sources report. Then, the IDF’s overreliance on air might for winning the war proved counterproductive. By the time ground troops were deployed to cross the border and challenge Hizballah, they were too few and too late.
    3.  This time, the air force is practicing a different role in the conflict, in coordination with Israel’s heavily upgraded, multi-tier air defenses. They will not only be geared for contending with Hizballah’s vast 100,000 rockets and missiles, but also, for the first time, with a formidable fleet of assorted UAVs, which are designed to serve the enemy in multiple tasks: intelligence-gathering, delivering rockets and guided  drones packed with explosives.
    Also for the first time, the IDF will prepare to order the evacuation of civilians, up to 75,000, from towns and village within close range of Hizballah fire. Their evacuation may take place by roads that are under enemy attack.

    Från FB om Tage Erlander

    Svenska Socialdemokraternas rötter. Inte SDs.

    Samuel Nygren
    7 hrs
    En liten redogörelse över Socialdemokraternas djupa rötter.

    Efter Evian-konferensen, i juli 1938, framförde Sverige, genom statssekreterare Tage Erlander (S), ett önskemål om att de tyska judarna skulle få särskilda pass. Som en konsekvens av den svenska regeringens (S) önskemål fattade den tyska nazistregeringen ett beslut om införande av de så kallade ”J-passen”. Beslutet innebar att alla judiska pass blev ogiltiga fr o m den 5 oktober 1938 och skulle lämnas in till polisen inom två veckor. Judarna fick därefter ansöka om nya pass. Passen stämplades med ett rött ”J” på första sidan enligt Tage Erlanders (S) önskemål. Bara en månad efter det att de nya lagarna, på Sveriges begäran instiftats, inträffande Kristallnatten som var natten mellan den 9 och 10 november 1938 då många judars butiker, hus och synagogor förstördes i hela Nazisttyskland. Kristallnatten åtföljdes av Novemberpogromerna, som genomfördes mellan den 7 och 13 november 1938. Pogromerna var initierade av nazisterna och omkring 400 judar dödades eller tvingades begå självmord, 20 000–30 000 arresterades och fördes till koncentrationslägren, 267 synagogor brändes och över 7 500 butiker med judiska ägare vandaliserades.
    Tage Erlander (S), som sedan var statsminister i Sverige under perioden 1946 – 1969, medverkade alltså till att Tyskland införde det stora J som stämplades in i varje tysk judes pass och detta var bara en av socialdemokraternas (S) åtgärder mot, enligt deras uppfattning, underlägsna människotyper och medverkade till att den tyska regimen snabbt kunde kartlägga och spåra judarna för vidare transport till koncentrationslägren.
    Mikael Heinig

    Vem skyldig? Vilken röra!

    Sätt igång att spekulera. 

    Who hit NKorean-linked Syrian chemical plant?

    Wallström hade gärna hoppat ner i smeten med sina förhandlingsben.

    Israel hears nothing, says nothing about Palestinian love fest in Gaza

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    I vänsterrutan lägger du url till sidan du vill översätta, t.ex. 

    därefter klicka ordet Translate eller Översätt.

    lördag 7 oktober 2017

    Araberna kanske inte kräver UNESCOs antiArtísemtiska resolutioner. Varför?

    Retar säkert gallfeber på Sverige.


    Klicka rubriken.

    Franska judiska läkare emigrerar till Israel.


    MICHEL ALIMI says he was shopping at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket just a couple of hours before an Islamist struck on January 9, 2015, shooting four Jews dead and holding 16 hostage before being killed by French police. Now, he, his wife and one of his daughters are moving to Israel.

    The 62-year-old general practitioner says the attack, coming after other bloody instances of anti-Jewish violence by French Muslims, has sparked a wave of departures to Israel, including about 50 families from his own neighborhood of Saint-Mandé, on the edge of Paris.

    Klicka rubriken och läs vidare

    Dömda till elände av sina ledare, vad kan Gazaborna göra?

    Jag började göra Googleöversättning och snygga upp den, men för jobbigt med mina dåliga ögon. Gör det själv om det ger mer. Artiklar beskriver väldigt väl Hamas framgångar.


     6 oktober 2017 13:36

    They had 10 years, and they squandered them all.

    After several weeks of exchanges of fire in spring 2007 in which scores were killed from both sides, and after Hamas forces threw from rooftops Fatah members like presidential bodyguard Muhammad Sweirki, and after Palestinian Authority gunmen assassinated clerics like Imam Muhammad al-Rifati – Hamas won.

    The Islamists who defeated the PA in the previous year’s local election now had Gaza all for themselves. Compelled to deliver food, housing, jobs, electricity, sewage, hospitals, law and order to more than 1.5 million people, Hamas had to decide what to deliver first: life or war.

    It chose war, and delivered death.

    CHOOSING LIFE did not require conversion to Jeffersonian democracy, Hamiltonian capitalism or Herzlian Zionism. It just demanded several years of economic dedication, of the sort fellow Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan displayed those days after having reached Turkey’s helm.

    Such a focus crossed no mind in Hamas, which took the treasure and manpower that could have made Gaza flourish and invested them in producing arms, conscripting Arabs and rocketing Jews.

    The consequences for Hamas’s voters were catastrophic.

    Unemployment, according to World Bank figures, reached 42%, fuel ran out, sewage overflowed, and the thirst for battle with Israel triggered wholesale bloodshed, carnage and despair.

    This is all besides the diplomatic sphere, where Hamas led Gaza to a dead end, regardless of tanking its economy and keeping its Israeli flank ablaze.

    Up north, when civil war erupted in Syria, Hamas bet against Bashar Assad, who summarily expelled it from Damascus and also blocked his Iranian allies’ handouts to Hamas. Iran’s infusions have since returned, but in smaller portions, while a victorious Assad now counts Hamas as an enemy for life.

    Hamas made the wrong bet also down south, as it invested in the short-lived government of Mohamed Morsi, thus emerging also on the wrong side of Egypt’s future.

    Further afield, Hamas’s investment in Turkey also went awry when it learned that Ankara cared for Gaza less than it cared for Israel’s newfound gas.

    Lastly, Gaza’s strategic investment in Qatar also collapsed when Egypt and Saudi Arabia laid diplomatic siege to the audacious sheikhdom that became a political thorn in Cairo’s and Riyadh’s sides.

    That, in brief, is how Hamas ended up economically, politically and also diplomatically bankrupt, so much so that two weeks ago it disbanded the shadow cabinet with which it had provoked Mahmoud Abbas, and this week it humbly hosted PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah for talks on “reconciliation.”

    This is not reconciliation. It’s surrender.

    THE BURGEONING truce between Hamas and the PA may unfold in many ways both good and bad, but for Gazans it should loom as proof that the Islamists they crowned had no idea how to govern, and no intention to better their lives.

    Scholars will try to understand why Hamas failed to govern, and whether that failure reflected a local situation or a broader syndrome: On the one hand will loom the antithesis of Erdogan, an Islamist who delivered economically and lasted politically, and on the other hand will loom the analogy of Morsi, an Islamist who neglected the economy and was soon overthrown.

    Whatever the academic conclusion concerning the relationship between Islamism and government, in Hamas’s case the conclusion is obvious: war was their only thing, and such it remains.

    That is certainly what Abbas suspects, which is why he told Egyptian TV Monday that he will not allow Hamas to emulate in Gaza Hezbollah’s model in Lebanon. That model means outsourcing civilian government to someone else, while commanding a separate army and creating a state within a state.

    Such a formula, of maximum authority and minimum responsibility, is any politician’s dream, but it defies political gravity, even for Hezbollah.

    The Lebanese organization has a Shi’ite population and territory that create a tribal pocket where its clerics are natural rulers. Within that realm, it does deliver government. Hamas has no such tribal distinctiveness, and therefore no such territorial pocket. It could have created one over the past decade, had it chosen a different path, but it made a different choice, and will now have to fight daily with the PA over influence in Gaza’s every street.

    This, of course, does not mean that Gaza is in for better times; the PA’s economic performance has also been poor. But in Gaza Abbas now has an opportunity to deliver the hope that Hamas has quelled.

    FANATICISM harks back millennia in Gaza.

    When Alexander the Great marched from Europe to Asia, all local cities along the eastern Mediterranean opened their doors to his dreaded army except one: Gaza. After besieging, storming and taking it, Alexander tied Gaza’s leader by his feet to a horse and somewhere between today’s Rafah and Beit Hanun dragged the man to his death.

    Yet there was also a different Gaza, one that sought peace and spawned wealth.

    In the first century CE, for instance, Gaza was the linchpin of the Nabataean Kingdom’s tri-continental spice trade through a seaport that competed with Alexandria to its south and Caesarea to its north.

    Gaza also farmed and manufactured over the centuries, supplying much barley to Europe and also making bandages that to this day are known universally as gauze pads.

    Sprawling along a pristine coastal strip whose climate, fertility, and flatness are ideal for tourism, farming and industry, Gaza can easily restore its mercantile heritage by building with Egypt a seaport on both sides of their joint border, north of Rafah.

    Flanked by new desalination and power plants, the port would service a new Riviera and industrial zone along the sparsely settled northern Sinai’s 180-km. coastline, where the same Gazans that Hamas condemned to misery would now commute daily on a new railway and become gainfully employed.

    Yes, this sounds like science fiction, but the fact is it is very doable. All it takes is choosing life.


    fredag 6 oktober 2017

    Palestinska regeringen à la TT

    TT säger

    "Palestinska regeringen möttes i Gaza"

     definitionen.  Läs noga.  "Palestinska regeringen", innebär samlingsregeringen Hamas och Fatah som bildades häromåret, en regering som aldrig sagts upp officiellt (väl?) och som sattes upp i hopp om ökade donationer..


    Hamas säger att samregimen med Fatah är slut.

     JUNE 12, 2014 15:26

    Denna regim gluttar fram då och då. Här nämns den:


    Hamas rejects Abbas' claim that it colluded with Israel and calls on Abbas to stop spreading lies.

    Hamas announced on Sunday that the unity government established with Fatah over the summer has ended.

    The unity government’s six-month term has expired, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said at a press conference in Gaza City, adding that talks would take place regarding a future government, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

    Kristallklart vad TT försöker lura svenska folket med?

    Vill du se några icke-vänsterkällor som TT kan du alltid söka i  källor jag hämtar information jag anser är sanningsenliga. 

    Israels bästa högertidning är http://www.israelnationalnews.com

    Israels gamla centertidning Jerusalem Post en gång Palestine Post innan KGB hade hittat på ordet  "palestinian" för västbanksaraber för att de skulle beklagas mer än gruppen "araber".  Arafat fick mycket hjälp av KGB.

    En gammal sida som granskar antisemitisk vinkling är http://www.camera.org/

    En annan med intressanta artiklar, i förbindelse med Israels säkerhetstjänst, Mossad, är https://www.debka.com/