torsdag 31 mars 2016

Varför Hillary skulle fortsätta Obamas diktatur.

Op-Ed: The self-delete of the President-in-Waiting

A Clinton presidency would be a third Obama term as far as Israel is concerned.

Published: Thursday, March 31, 2016 1:27 PM

For the past seven years, Israel has consistently suffered under the unswerving anti-Israel policies of the Obama administration. If the next US president is a Democrat, then Israel can expect its relations with America to remain in crisis mode for the foreseeable future.

Obama, from the beginning of his administration, stated his willingness to talk to Iran “without preconditions,” willing to ignore U.S. property claims against Iran, and Iran’s funding, providing equipment, weapons, training and giving sanctuary to terrorists. He offered Iran economic inducements and a promise not to seek “regime change”.

Obama's nuclear deal with Iran enables Iran to become a nuclear weapon capable power, allows Iran to reach anywhere in the world with its missiles, and got the ayatollahs $150 billion. The nuclear deal with Iran and the Obama administration’s decision to embrace Iran as an ally place Israel in jeopardy.

Recently, the administration warned various Israeli government ministers that any construction of housing for Jews in Jerusalem will be viewed with hostility by the administration. In contrast, the administration is pressuring Israel to permit construction of homes for Arabs in its capital city and harshly opposes all moves by the government to destroy illegal construction in Arab neighborhoods and in Area C. The administration demanded that Israel should deny Jews civil and property rights and should not assert its sovereignty over non-Jews.

If Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton were to be elected as the next president, Obama’s anti-Israel policies would survive him.

There is nothing in Hillary Clinton’s history that would qualify her for the presidency, and much that should disqualify her. She has held a most important job as the Secretary of State, heading the U.S. Department of State, principally concerned with foreign affairs; the American government's equivalent of a Minister for Foreign Affairs. However, under her watch as Secretary of State, American foreign policy had one setback after another, separated by disasters.

The accusation that Barack Obama was not born in America began with Hillary Clinton. In April 2008, during the Democratic primaries, an email started by a Hillary ally and circulated by her supporters thrust a new allegation into spotlight — that he had not been born in America. It said his “mother was living in Kenya with his Arab-African father late in her pregnancy…She was not allowed to travel by plane then, so Barack Obama was born there and his mother then took him to Hawaii to register his birth.”

During Hillary’s four years as Obama’s Secretary of State, she was a full partner in Obama’s hostile policies toward Israel. Moreover, as her internal emails have shown, all her close advisers are hostile to Israel.

Barack Obama made his administration’s foreign policy; he chose to transform America’s foreign policy fundamentally. Hillary Clinton implemented the foreign policy because she agreed with it. They shared the same flawed vision of the world when they were both in the Senate. They both opposed the military “surge” in Iraq, under General David Petraeus, which defeated the terrorists there. Even after the surge succeeded, Hillary was among those who fiercely denied initially that it had succeeded, and sought to discredit General Petraeus, though eventually the evidence of the surge’s success became undeniable, even among those who had opposed it.

The historic catastrophe permitting Iranians to develop nuclear weapons, and making it difficult for Israel to stop them happened on Hillary’s watch as secretary of state. The Obama administration’s protracted and repeatedly extended negotiations with Iran allowed Iran time to multiply, bury, and reinforce its nuclear facilities, to the point where it was uncertain whether Israel still had the military capacity to destroy those facilities.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton generated thousands of emails that were not archived as official government records because she used a private email account to conduct government business, putting her own interests before that of the United States.

One of the things that Hillary was trying to cover up was the utter disaster of the Obama administration’s foreign policy that she carried out in Libya.

In September 11, 2012, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, terrorists stormed the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi where the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was staying. They murdered him and three other Americans who tried to defend him. Meanwhile, there was an American presidential election campaign in 2012, and Obama was presenting himself to the voters as someone who had defeated al-Qaeda and suppressed the terrorist threat in the Middle East.

Emails about Ambassador Stevens’ travel and security plans got on a private server... and Ambassador Stevens ended up dead.
The truth about this attack could have undermined the image that Obama was trying to project during the election campaign, and perhaps cost him the White House. So a lie was concocted instead. The lie was that the attack was not by terrorists — who supposedly had been suppressed by Obama — but was a spontaneous protest demonstration against an American video insulting Islam, and that protest just got out of control.

Now that Hillary Clinton’s emails have finally been recovered and revealed, after three years of stalling and stonewalling, they showed that she knew from the outset that the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and others was not a result of some video but was a coordinated terrorist operation. Nevertheless, Hillary, along with Obama and national security adviser Susan Rice, told the world in 2012 that the deaths in Benghazi were due to the video, not a terrorist organization that was now operating freely in Libya thanks to the Obama policy implemented by Hillary that got rid of the Qaddafi government.

America's allies knew Hillary's system was insecure and tried to work around it. One can assume America's enemies also knew, and tried to burrow within it. Emails about Ambassador Stevens’ travel and security plans got on a private server in a Colorado toilet, and Ambassador Stevens ended up dead.

A few weeks after the assault on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, the Obama administration used slain Ambassador Stevens as a political prop for the 2012 elections. Obama and Hillary referred to Stevens as a "friend", which helped to get Obama reelected. Hillary stood next to the coffin of her "friend" Chris and went on about a video that she knew had nothing to do with the attack that killed him.

Obama and Hillary justified their decision to overthrow Qaddafi by falsely insisting that Qaddafi was about to carry out a slaughter of his opponents that rose to the level of genocide. They also falsely insinuated that a post-Qaddafi Libya would be a pro-American democracy. At the same time, they refused to notice evidence that al-Qaeda was a major force in the anti-Qaddafi rebellion and was well positioned to take control over large swathes of the country if he were overthrown.

ISIS now controls Libya ports that are gateway to Europe for anybody from the Middle East and beyond. Libya is the reason Italy is now being destabilized by tens of thousands of “refugees” landing on its shores, because ports on the Libyan coast are now in the hands of ISIS and other jihadists that are running people into Italy.

Obama’s sympathies lie with Islam, so he is relaxed about jihadist attacks. He kept on jollying with Raoul Castro as jihadists attacked Brussels, sending a picture of himself laughing, while people had just been blown up at a level that is the equivalent of September 11 to one of America’s allies.

The underlying assumption of his administration’s campaign in Libya was that what happens in Libya stays in Libya. As it turned out, this was the most disastrous assumption of its decision-making process.

Every perceived victory for jihadist forces impacts jihadists throughout the world. The impact is massively escalated when jihadists gain territory – as was the case in Libya. The implications regarding the administration’s demand that Israel should withdraw from territory gained in the Six Day War and effectively end its sovereign rule over Jerusalem are dire. Every time Israel withdraws from territory, jihadists proclaim victory and are perceived as victors.

Hillary would be able to deflect her email scandal if she had a policy. If she had a vision. If she was running on anything other than that she feels entitled to be president because Bill Clinton cheated on her in the most public way twenty years ago. If it were found that she violated the law in the way she handled emails when she was secretary of state, the Obama administration would likely not prosecute her. Obama could even pardon her, so that future administrations could not prosecute her as well.

It is preposterous that Donald Trump is considered a non-serious candidate for president, and that the serious, substantial candidate is Hillary Clinton, who as the chief foreign affairs official of the United States kept America’s confidential business on a server in the bathroom of somebody's apartment. If that is what serious people do, voters would rather hand over the White House to the “non-serious” candidate.

In his campaign, Trump asserted that he would close the U.S. border to Muslims “until we figure out what’s going on.” He also mentioned that Brussels used to be such a safe place before becoming jihadi central. A few months later, on March 21, 2016, Islamic terrorists murdered over thirty people in a series of bombings in Brussels. This is a testimony to Trump’s acute political instincts. He is alone among the presidential candidates in addressing Americans’ anxiety that if their leaders are not careful, America could end up like Western Europe, facing repeated attacks from a deadly internal enemy. This is important to voters these days since the Democrats intimate that they will import enough foreigners to make America a permanent one-party state.

In November 2015, Hillary, speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, asserted categorically: “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” When conventional politicians respond to terrorism with platitudes and even outright lies, it is no wonder that someone like Donald Trump can thrive as he senses and responds to legitimate public fears. That is what is going on in the U.S. election. Trump is a formidable candidate. Somebody with his instincts and a degree of intellectual seriousness would be a formidable leader.

Hillary Clinton has been deleting herself. Donald Trump could be the next president of the United States.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.

USA och allierade: Irans missiltest var trots emot Säkerhetsrådet.

Problemet med Obamas avtal är påtagligt, det rör enbart kärnvapenprov, inte missiltest (Om det talar Säkerhetsrådets alla beslut mot Iran länk som Obama försökt få folk att glömma länk) och inte allt stöd till terrorgrupper i Mellanöstern.
Iran säger att missilena är designade att träffa Israel - inte konstigt att Sverige supportar Iran.
Avtalet är ej signerat och ej lagligt bindande - vilket Sverige skiter uti.

Business | Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:55am EDT

80% av de muslimska migranterna lever på välfärd.

Vad sysslar egentligen alla arbetslösa krävande muslimer med? Där finns inga lagar eller regler som säger att dessa ska försörjas intill dödagar utan att bidra med något positivt.

Muslims Refugees Sucking Up European Welfare Benefits

Erdogan leker med EU och kan skicka 80 miljoner muslimska turkar till EU utan visa.

Merkel och EU-ledarnas spel med den europeiska befolkningen och dess liv och framtid är oerhörd.  Migrationsminister Morgan Johansson vill ha in så många  terrorister och andra muslimer som möjligt  och blir vansinnig på alla som inte inser lämpligheten att fylla EU med shariatrogna kvinnohatande individer, få verkliga flyktingar.

onsdag 30 mars 2016

Danska utrikesministern har ombetts sluta betala terrorister och mördare.

PMW anser det lönlöst att försöka tala med Sverige vidare. I Sverige VET de relevanta politikerna att de supportar terror, vidare upplysning är lönlös.,%20Fatah%20promotes%20terror,%20March%202016.pdf

Open letter to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs: Fatah promotes terror Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) calls on Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs to reassess Denmark’s relationship to Fatah due to Fatah’s ongoing terror support

• Responding to Palestinian Media Watch documentation, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen admitted he “opposes” a Fatah official’s terror glorification. However, the minister continues to view Fatah as “moderate” because the official, he believes, did not speak “on behalf of Fatah, the PLO, the Palestinian Authority or the Palestinian government.” [Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jan. 22, 2016]

• This PMW report corrects the Danish minister’s mistake. It documents that numerous senior Fatah leaders, Abbas’ advisors, Mahmoud Abbas himself, the Fatah Central Committee headed by Mahmoud Abbas, and official Fatah media are all actively supporting and glorifying the current terror. Neither Fatah, nor any of its leaders, have condemned even one murder of an Israeli during the last 5 months of terror. To the contrary, they have glorified the terror and the terrorists.

• PMW welcomes the statement by the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs indicating that were Fatah, its leaders and the PA glorifying terror, Denmark would “reassess” its categorization of Fatah as “moderate.” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik The following report was sent by Palestinian Media Watch to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs
Läs vidare på länken.

Khamenei: Irans framtid beror på missiler, inte förhandlingar.

Sverige var rasande snabba att åka till Teherans basarer efter förhandlingsresultat ej legalt bindande CNN dailymail Townhall, ointresserade av de ballistiska missilerna Iran sände upp länk. Tror inte regeringen har läst detta heller. Inget ont får sägas om en shoppingpartner, men Wallstöm älskar att hoppa på saudierna. De är förvisso inga änglar utom i jämförelse med Iran.

2014 års dödsstraff

Countries with the Most Confirmed Executions in 2014
1. China (1,000s *see above)4. Iraq (61+)
2. Iran (289+)5. United States (35)
3. Saudi Arabia (90+)6. Sudan (23+)

Iran's future depends on missiles, not negotiations, Khamenei says 
DEBKAfile March 30, 2016, 2:35 PM (IDT)

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Wednesday at a religious event in Tehran that his country's military needs to continue to boost its capabilities in order to confront the threats of "the enemy" as well as place the country in a better position at future diplomatic negotiations. Referring to his domestic rivals, he added that "they say the future of the world is one of negotiation and not one of missiles....if that is said out of ignorance, well it is ignorance, but if it’s said knowingly, it is treason." 

tisdag 29 mars 2016

Breaking the Silence's spioneri.

Denna extremvänsterorganisation, i huvudsak betald av EU för att förstöra demokratin i Israel, drömmen hos alla extremvänstertyper, spionerar mot staten. Jag har hört det nämnas några gånger på sistone, här fler detaljer. Man förstår varför Diakonia älskar dom.

The consequences of anti-Zionism

Spelet i Mellanöstern.

Att det är komplicerat vet vi, och det blir inte klarare efter att ha studerat svenska massmedia.

Russia to keep S-400 in Syria until Saudi warplanes leave Turkey

Världens judar flyr till säkerheten i Israel.

Israel har plats för fler judar, liksom EU borde ha plats för fler kristna men.....

Massive increase in French aliyah expected despite slow start

"IS planerar omfattande mord av judiska barn"

Rubriken från GP.

Hotet är seriöst att USA tar hem militär personal från södra Turkiet och varnar amerikanska terrorister från området.

Att en av de populäraste böckerna i Arabvärlden, speciellt de palarabiska områdena, är denna på bilden, vilket inte är förvånande. Även i London säljs Mein Kamp på arabiska. Också länk
 länk länk.
Länkar till att visa hur muslimska aktioner är baserade på en kombination av islam och Nazism.

Vi vet också att Khomeini i sin ungdom mycket lyssnade på radio Berlins persiska sändningar av Naziinformation.

Obamas påtagliga support av islamism i diverse former är välkänt, tänk på hans support för den islamistiska Mursi i Egypten, också starkt supportad av en viss Bildt som sände honom gratulationstwitter.

Att islamister attackerar judiska barn har alltså en lång mörk Europeisk bakgrund.


Obama "tillverkade" diplomatiska kriser med Israel.

Ambassadören beskriver Obama närmast som en vilsen tonåring med för stor makt.

Kina-Israels vänskap allt starkare.

Kinas vice premiärminister träffar Rivlin. Frihandelsavtal.

Antisemiten Ban ki-Moon till Sverige.

SvD, DIregeringen

Många har explicit kallat Ban Ki-moon antisemit.

Israel har ett dussintals gånger eller mer skrivit till Ban om krigsbrott mot dem från Hamas etc., inte en enda anmälan har tagits upp utan ligger i hans nedersta byrålåda.

FN:s "människorättsorganisation" UNHRC har heltidsanställda som enbart attackerar Israel, inte länder som Iran, Iran Syrien etc. som hade behövt dem. Med EUs Naziåtgärder att bojkotta judarna i Israel som de kallar "bara berättar om att en del produkter kommer från area C" har Människorättsrådet (där inte judar räknas som människor)  nu satt upp en svart lista över dessa företag för att hjälpa BDSarna.  Netanyahu gör inget för att hjälpa företagen.


Alla sådana anklagelse är förstås osynliga i de svenska medias stories.

måndag 28 mars 2016

Israel hyr avancerade studenter i kärnfysik.

Sen Israelhataren Obama avslöjade Israels kärnvapen öppet till stor risk för Israels befolkning behöver man inte hyscha om behovet av kärnvapen för att motverka Irans konstanta hot att utradera den Judiska Staten. Obamas babbel har också tvingat arabstaterna som är hotade av Iran att utveckla egna kärnvapen och också komma närmare Israel.

Israel recruiting new nuclear scientists for 'national needs'

Röda Korset i Israel stöder den anklagade soldaten.

Snart är det bara Netanyahu och Ya'alon som har uttalat sig mot soldaten.

söndag 27 mars 2016

Obama tänker skyffla mer pengar över Iran för terror-support.

Obama ger sej inte när det gäller att förstöra Mellanöstern.

Republicans worry Obama is opening door to new Iran relief

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is leaving the door open to new sanctions relief for Iran, including possibly long-forbidden access to the U.S. financial market, prompting increased concern from Republican opponents of last year's nuclear deal.
Rep. Ed Royce, the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, expressed alarm in a letter this week to the president that the U.S. could grant Iranian businesses the ability to conduct transactions in dollars within the United States or through offshore banks. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said he is "deeply troubled" by the possibility.

82% av israelerna står bakom soldaten som gjorde sitt jobb.

Den procentsatsen finns angiven på länk. Många har skrivit under en petition som säger samma sak länk. Netanyahu är rasande att inte alla lyder hans ursprungliga fördömande av soldaten utan att veta något, länk - precis som han och Ya'alon gjorde efter mordbranden i Duma. Som om de försökte urskulda sej inför Obama.

Bennett klättrar i  mina ögon efter att han sa åt Netanyahu på skarpen.

Netanyahu har blivit som Kejsaren utan Kläder och det är ju inte enda gången han babblat utan att veta något.

Jag minns hur glad man blev när han tog över efter Olmert, men nu har han suttit för länge.

Preliminärt svar från IDF länk.

"Police told to investigate B'Tselem's 'coincidences'!

Polisen har börjat kolla upp B'zelem, extremvänstergruppen i Israel Diakonia betalar för att de förevisar sitt hat för Israel på ett sätt de gillar. Allt fler i Israel står nu på soldatens sida, läs <a href="">länk</a>. Och kommenterar tydligt vad de tycker om Netanyahus omedelbara attack på soldaten, för att han gjorde vad en soldat skulle göra.

Absolut inte ett knyst i DN - vet inte om andra svenska massmedia sag nåt men varför skulle man förvänta sej att de skulle säga något emot palarabiska terrorister och för en israelisk soldat?

lördag 26 mars 2016

Vad återstår att fixa på det nya F-35.

Israels nya värsting - de vill alltid förbättra plan de köper från USA. Frågan är när de är redo att bygga ett eget som Lavi-projektet.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
What’s Left on the Air Force Checklist To Make F-35s Operational?
What’s Left on the Air Force Checklist To Make F-35s Operational?

The Air Force plans to declare initial operating capability for its new F-35A jets by the end of 2016. Here's what they have left to do.

Obama, Kerry ska attackera Israel utan Abbas.

Kerry ha varit för att tala för terroristerna många gånger nu, på Abbas sida utan hans inblandning. Som när Biden var i Mellanöstern nyligen och fick direkt NEJ från hans försök att sälja Israel till Abbas. "Inte nog" sa Abbas när han erbjöds halva den judiska huvudstaden och mer till. Han ekade Arafat precis. Men Fatahs Konstitution säger ju så!!

Förra konstitutionen sa:

Artikel (12) Fullständig befrielse av Palestina, och utrotande av den sionistiska ekonomiska, politiska, militära och kulturella existensen.
Artikel (19) Väpnad kamp är en strategi och inte en taktik, och det palestinska arabiska folkets väpnade revolution är en avgörande faktor i befrielsekampen att utrota den sionistiska existensen, och denna kamp kommer inte att upphöra innan den sionistiska staten rivs och Palestina är helt befriat.
Den senaste har inte exakt de orden men säger att den gamla gäller fullt ut.

De som föredrar Abbas framför Israel har en direkt sjuklig antisemitism att bygga sina läror på, det måste vara en sjukdom som förhindrar en att se några som helst fakta.

Kombinera nedanstående artikel med länk där Kerry var eld och lågor på att berätta för alla att de skulle gemensamt attackera judarna.

fredag 25 mars 2016

BDS gör att araber förlorar sina jobb.

BDS (nästan hela EU) frenetiska arbete för att försämra ekonomin för israeliska företag, speciellt de som givit araber arbete i det israeliska Area C (som Arafat sa var Israel-kontrollerat i Osloavtalen och fick Nobelpris för.) stör inte Netanyahu nämnvärt.

De palestinska araber som arbetat i fabriker där har haft kanske 5 gånger högre lön och sjukförsäkring, jämfört med andra i Abbas regim. Se t.ex. länk, länk, länk, . Som omväxling: link, länk.

Abbas nybyggda lilla hus.
EUs enorma laddningar av pengar länk räcker helt påtagligt inte till försäkringar för arbetslösa icke-höjdare. Det räcker till Abbas nya boning.

Sodastream tvingas sparka alla 600 palaraber.vid sin flytt  De har inga arbetslöshetsförsäkringar.

Ett annat företag Netanyahu inte brytt sej om att hjälpa förutom Ahava är Beigel. Vem som vinner på att kineserna köper Ahava och öppnar den kinesiska marknaden för dom, kan man spekulera om. Inte är det Netanyahu.

Israels Försvar avlägsnar ibland palaraber från israeliska samhällen länk   men hjälper inte israeliska företag på andra ställen i area C.

Melanie Phillips beskriver situationen länk.

Och under tiden samlar Abbas egna pengar - på samma sätt som Arafat gjorde och nu ska han på topp av det börja få en hög regelbunden lön länk. Också länk.

Utveckling av vad som händer med soldaten.

Netanyahu, B'tselem och FN sammangaddar sig mot soldatenJP. Ynet, A7 har samma sak att säga mot en ensam soldat som sköt en terrorist klädd så man kunde misstänka bombbälte, det skedde i Hebron där alla judar står vid soldatens sida.,Netanyahu gör ingenting för att förbättra situationen för soldater i omöjlig situation. Från Ynet: "with an authoritative figure saying, "He probably has an explosive on him, pay attention. Until the bomb squad comes, nobody touches him."  "According to the prosecutor, the soldier claims to have shot out of fear for his life."
"The CID also noted that the first video of the incident, released by the B'Tselem NGO, was edited,"

Från A7: "In a call for justice, they added, "the version of the soldier who was concerned about the detonation of an explosive must be checked, and we must remember that this terrorist came in order to kill, to murder, and to put an end to the (Purim) holiday."
As noted in the statement, the soldier has argued that he shot the terrorist because he saw him moving and thought he was about to detonate a bomb belt. A witness at the scene confirmed that there were concerns the terrorist was hiding a bomb belt under his coat, which he wore despite it being a warm day."

Netanyahu and Ya'alon seem totally out of control of their tongues and all for terrorists who stab soldiers without finding a single thing to say against the terrorists and no idea how to stop them. The article in JP is written for an international anti-Israeli public, the details you find in e.g. Ynet, A7 are all missing. (Min insändare till JP.)

torsdag 24 mars 2016

"Filmklipp visar hur soldat skjuter skadad misstänkt"

DN-artikeln och  ursprungsartikeln.
En kille med videokamera råkar vara vid den gränden i Hebron där det inträffade.
Killen råkar också vara från B'zelem, som har ett kamera/videoprojekt och filmskola hur man gör de mest komprometterande filmsnuttarna av israeler, länk. En av finansiärerna   är Diakonia.

Händelsen är under utredning av IDF, Israels försvar, men DN är så oerhört måna om att berätta vad filmen verkar visa innan allt är klarlagt. Där finns faktiskt ingen anledning att en israelisk soldat skulle skjuta en terrorist utan vidare, de har mycket strikta regler så det måste ha varit någon anledning. Låt oss vänta med bedömningen tills IDF utrett ärendet ok!

Ynet ha samma händelse på länkSoldier who shot neutralized attacker: He moved, could have set off a bomb.  The family of the soldier who was documented shooting a terrorist lying on the ground told the press they believe in his innocence, saying he was "an exemplary fighter and combat medic." The soldier's lawyer claimed the attacker wore a coat that could conceal an explosive vest. Mer på länken.

Se också

En självklarhet DN i sin skadeglädje inte hade kunnat komma på.

När du ändå tittar i Jerusalem Post kan du läsa andra artiklar där palestinaaraber försökt eller lyckats mörda israeler så det kommer självklart inte i DN. Det ska vara sensation och något att anklaga israeler för:

Gå till så hittar du mera.

Tyvärr har Netanyahu varit SÅÅ långsam att sätta in nya åtgärder för att stoppa palarabernas mordlystnad. Samma drivkraft i grunden som alla andra terrorister. Att sedan typer som Wallström kränger fram att de är uttråkade, inte ser nån framtid etc - samma gäller en miljard människor på vår jord och palaraberna har det långt bättre än många andra. Tänk om den miljarden skulle börja uppföra sej som palaraberna! Men det gör de inte.

Mycket av hatet produceras av Abbas och hans terroristorganisation som du kan läsa i direktöversättning från arabiska till engelska, inte tillrättalagt av journalister, länk. Dessa hatincitament skulle stoppa enligt löften i Osloavtalet, men PA dränks av pengar från alla donatorer utan att efterlyda detta så......  Netanyahu hade ett kabinettsbeslut att detta skulle stoppas när de inte gjorde det själva. De stoppade en radio/TVstation, en timme senare sändes hatpropagandan från ett annat ställe och jag har inte hört att nåt vidare har hänt.

Likväl är det terroristerna som överflödas av pengar, Israel får inte ett dyft hjälp för att stoppa det. EU betalar en vaktstyrka som ska övervaka korsningen Egypten-Gaza vid Rafah, som inte gör ett dyft mer än kostar pengar.

Allt fler stater och länder emot BDS.

BDS, i princip ett försök att svälta ut Israel ekonomiskt, vilket i sann gammal Nazianda de flesta EU-stater ställer upp på. Sverige är förstås en stark påtryckare.

Kyrkor hjälper detta sätt  för Nazitiden att återkomma. Kristendomen har tagit slut i många kyrkosamfund. Vad har kommit i stället? Tomrum???

Vem betalar för BDS?

Obama säjer både bu och bäää.

Turkiets närmande till Iran

Du inser faran med Merkels intima kontakt med Turkiet och alla hennes löften att turkar snart ska få obehindrat översvärma EU. En direkt passage från Tehran alltså. Vem ser skillnad på turk och iranier?

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) shakes hands with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu, during a joint news conference in Istanbul, Jan. 4, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

Is Turkey swaying back toward Iran?

TEHRAN, Iran — The dynamics of the Iran-Turkey relationship are changing. A cursory glance at the Turkish prime minister’s March 4-5 visit to Tehran — including the way he behaved and was treated — gives the impression of a change in tone and intentions. Ahmet Davutoglu headed a major delegation consisting of five ministers and dozens of Turkish companies and businessmen — one of the largest such missions in the past decade. Two weeks later, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif visited Turkey, expressing Tehran’s readiness to enhance economic ties and regional cooperation. The question is whether these visits indicate a turning point in relations between these two important neighbors.

Läs vidare på länken.

EUs nya terrorbidrag.

EU ger PA €252.5 million ($470 M.) (2338 miljoner SEK) i nya fräscha terrorbidrag. Länk.

Är det för att inte drabbas av stora terroristattacker mer än en gång i månaden?

EUs bidrag ska vara för att "förbättra demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter", vilket snarast har blivit sämre. efter de oändliga summor EU har givit "palestinierna" (varav Arafats fru har en del).
De betalar allt för ett otroligt antal "statligt anställda" - det enda land i världen som slipper betala sina anställda. 

Ett sätt Abbas lurar ointelligenta donatorer  länk
 är att hitta på diverse anledningar han behöver en massa pengar för, som inte har ett dugg att göra med verkligheten, läs länken.

Och för de som har läst Oslovillkoren står det helt explicit att de ska hjälpas med att sätta upp industibyar som ger både arbetstillfällen och exportinkomster - donatorerna har inte gjort ett dyft utan bara gett dom vad dom velat ha så de känner sej som - och är - världens största socialfall. Israel erbjöd Arafat industribyar, han grymtade NEJ varefter sådana gick till Egypten och Jordanien där de fungerat bra. 

Kongressen däremot drar nu in en del av sitt bidrag: 
Taking a moral stance in support of Israel and standing up to Palestinian belligerence, the US Congress is using its funding to the PA as leverage to force it to stop inciting to terrorism.  
By: World Israel News Staff
Members of the United States Congress are delaying a payment of $159 million in aid allocated for the Palestinian Authority (PA) in an effort to pressure the PA to relaunch diplomatic negotiations with Israel, the PLO ambassador to Washington claimed Saturday.
In a report on Sunday, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency quoted Ambassador Maen Erekat as confirming earlier reports that Congress was blocking the payment at the request of Congresswoman Kay Granger (R, TX.), the Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State-Foreign Operations, who accused the PA of supporting terrorism against Israelis.
The Obama administration allocated $450 million in aid to Palestinians for 2015, including $131 M. for economic and development projects by USAID and $70 million for PA agencies and security agencies, while $80 million in aid was withheld following incitement to terrorism by the PA last October.
Erekat alleged that some “pro-Israel” Congress members are continuing to pressure the PA to relaunch diplomatic negotiations with Israel, and prevent Palestinians from joining international organizations and conventions.
The PA last year officially requested to join 15 international conventions, including membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC), from which it hopes to launch a diplomatic war against Israel.
Members of Congress have previously attempted to block aid for Palestinians in 2011 in response to the PA bid for full UN membership, but the funds were eventually released.
On March 12, PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi conducted a series of meetings in Washington, D.C., during which she discussed peace negotiations with Israel and urged US Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley to pressure House Republicans to release the $159 M. in aid.

Dvs Ashrawi gör allt för att palaraberna ska slippa jobba.

Senaste för Obamaälskare.

Bara lite info som passerade min frukost.

Obama embarrasses himself, US in Cuba

Obama står som ett fån i Cuba och tar emot vad som helst i ansiktet.

Obama administration transfers $2 billion, artifacts back to Iran

Obaama ger enorma summor och andra saker till sina älsklingsmullor i Iran.

Blir Obama ställd inför riksrätt?

Det har länge radats upp långa listor av alla anledningar där finns för att ställa Obama inför riksrätt, för att ha brutit allehanda regler, trotsa Kongressen. Här två färska artiklar.

Congress Makes Major Move To IMPEACH Obama – This Could Be It
Millions of Americans have been hoping that Obama would be impeached ever since he took office. Now, it looks like their prayers may have finally been answered.
Congress is reportedly finally making moves towards impeaching Obama, meaning he may end up out of the job far sooner than the end of 2016.
According to recent reports, Representative Ted Yoho of Florida is in the process of introducing a resolution designed to set forth the House’s definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The resolution would undoubtedly have consequences for President Obama, who has sparked controversy with his executive actions.
The resolution also adds that the use of funds “in defiance of congressional appropriations” and the defiance of congressional subpoenas are impeachable offenses. If it sounds like Yoho is speaking directly to Obama, it’s because he is.
Obama’s blatant refusal to enforce immigration laws, to bypass Congress, and to withhold information fit the resolution’s call for impeachment and meet the criteria for “high crime.”
The resolution was crafted with the help of legal experts like Judge Andrew Napolitano and attorneys like Bruce Fein. It is without doubt going to be a major source of controversy among liberals.
We can only hope that Obama is impeached before he can do any more damage to our country. 

YES! Congress FINALLY Makes A Move That Will Start The Impeachment Process Against Obama!

Både Israel och Erdogan hade varnat Bryssel.

Bryssel hade varnats från flera håll angående flygsäkerheten men inte tagit det på allvar. Israeliska säkerhetsexperter reser runt till alla europeiska flygplatser med trafik mot Israel.

Man undrar hur många flygplatser i Skandinavien som varnats på motsvarande sätt. Men Löfven hade väl inte slutat flina för det. Han "VET" ju  plötsligt vad han ska göra för att skydda oss för terror.

Report: Israel warned Belgium about airport attack

Channel 2 report says Israel warned Belgium about a terrorist attack at the Zaventem airport in Brussels.

By Ben Ariel
First Publish: 3/24/2016, 5:45 AM

Brussels Airport

Israel was among those who warned Belgium ahead of the terrorist attack at the Zaventem airport in Brussels, Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Israel provided Belgium with concrete information on security breaches at the airport, where the first of two attacks on the Belgian capital took place on Tuesday, and claimed that "there are serious security deficiencies at the airport in Brussels".

The warnings reportedly came from Israeli security officials who are responsible to check airports across Europe in which flights to and from Israel depart and land. Those officials identified the security-related issues at the Zaventem airport and updated the Belgians about them.

The Channel 2 News follows a report in Haaretz earlier which said that Belgian intelligence services received specific warnings ahead of Tuesday's attacks but failed to properly investigate them.

According to Haaretz, the intelligence centers in Brussels, as well as in other Western countries, knew that terrorists would strike the Zaventem airport and, probably, the city's railway in the near future.

However, the newspaper said, they did not properly appreciate the imminent threat and the limited follow-up investigation was insufficient to avoid the tragedy.

Also on Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country had warned Belgium about Ibrahim El Bakraoui, one of the two suicide bombers at the airport, but Belgium failed to act on the warnings.