onsdag 30 mars 2016

Danska utrikesministern har ombetts sluta betala terrorister och mördare.

PMW anser det lönlöst att försöka tala med Sverige vidare. I Sverige VET de relevanta politikerna att de supportar terror, vidare upplysning är lönlös.


Open letter to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs: Fatah promotes terror Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) calls on Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs to reassess Denmark’s relationship to Fatah due to Fatah’s ongoing terror support

• Responding to Palestinian Media Watch documentation, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen admitted he “opposes” a Fatah official’s terror glorification. However, the minister continues to view Fatah as “moderate” because the official, he believes, did not speak “on behalf of Fatah, the PLO, the Palestinian Authority or the Palestinian government.” [Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jan. 22, 2016]

• This PMW report corrects the Danish minister’s mistake. It documents that numerous senior Fatah leaders, Abbas’ advisors, Mahmoud Abbas himself, the Fatah Central Committee headed by Mahmoud Abbas, and official Fatah media are all actively supporting and glorifying the current terror. Neither Fatah, nor any of its leaders, have condemned even one murder of an Israeli during the last 5 months of terror. To the contrary, they have glorified the terror and the terrorists.

• PMW welcomes the statement by the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs indicating that were Fatah, its leaders and the PA glorifying terror, Denmark would “reassess” its categorization of Fatah as “moderate.” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik The following report was sent by Palestinian Media Watch to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs
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