måndag 15 februari 2016

Slut på strömmen till Gaza från Egypten.

Tyvärr slutade Israel med regelbundna rapporter om leverans till Gaza på http://www.cogat.idf.il/894-en/Matpash.aspx, den senaste på http://www.cogat.idf.il/Sip_Storage/FILES/3/4813.jpg där de brukade rapportera detaljer som energileverans etc..

Egypt to disconnect electricity power lines to southern Gaza Strip

Friday, 29 January 2016 11:17

Egypt will disconnect two power transmission lines that provide electricity to the southern Gaza Strip on Friday morning, Public Relations Director of Gaza’s electricity company Mohammed Thabet has said.

Photo story: Gazans turn to wood to warm up

In a telephone interview with Sawa news site on Thursday evening, Thabet said the Egyptian authorities had informed the company that they plan to disconnect the two power transmission lines that supply Rafah with electricity at 7:00 am until further notice due to maintenance.

UN chief: Palestinian reaction to occupation is ‘natural’

Thabet warned that this will lead to a large deficit in the power supply, especially since the power supply line coming from Israel has not been working for the past seven days.

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