onsdag 21 december 2016

Vad Merkel åstadkommit och Wallström drömmer om.

  • The Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad al-Thani Charitable Association and the Saudi Muslim World League are coordinating a "long-running strategy to exert influence" by Gulf States in Germany, according to a report authored by Germany's security agencies.
  • "This is about war, about children being indoctrinated, they are only in primary school and already fantasize about how when they grow up, they want to join the jihad, kill infidels." — Wolfgang Trusheim, Frankfurt State Security office.
  • "For quite some time we've had indications and evidence that German Salafists are getting assistance, which is approved by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, in the form of money, the sending of imams and the building of Koran schools and mosques." — Rolf Mützenich, German MP and Middle East expert.
  • Declining to assimilate in the West continues with the apparent, religiously mandated, preference to have the host countries become Islamic.
Salafism -- from salaf, "ancestors" or "predecessors" in Arabic -- urges the emulat

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