onsdag 30 december 2015

Polisbrutaliteten i Israel fortsätter.

Jag har nu skrivit ett antal artiklar om detta, länk1 länk2 länk3

Här ger domstolen polisen en order om att släppa deras offer efter lång tids illegalt fängslande. De ror att de har alla rättigheter inkl. bryta emot lagen på flera punkter. I sin upphetsning av att under 5 mmånaders babblande från Ya'alon inte ha hittat en enda skyldig utan släppa den ena efter den andra efter tortyr. Stora demonstrationer mot toppolitikerna som jamsat med polisen utan att träffa ett enda av offren.

30 december

Watch: Duma suspect finally released

Prison services refused to follow court order to free man after month of alleged torture and no charges, but court forces them to comply.

The courts ordered the release of one of the Jewish suspects in the lethal Duma arson case on Tuesday, but after the Israel Prison Services (IPS) delayed his release despite the order, the court forced them to comply.

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Lod District Court ordered the suspect, whose identity remains under a media gag order, to be released to a 10-day house arrest.
After being held for 29 days - during the first 20 of which he was denied legal consultation - police asked to extend his arrest based on alleged involvement in an unrelated quarrel with Bedouin shepherds two years ago, in a request thrown out by the court.
However, the Honenu legal aid organization representing the suspects reported the IPS was refusing the order to release him, as State Attorney Shai Nitzan had a request issued to have the release delayed while submitting a petition. The group argued the delay was illegal, and apparently the IPS finally relented and released the man from the Lod District Court.
Attorneys reported that the suspect testified he was subjected to torture, including "violent shaking, hitting, banging his head against a wall, stretching his head back until he vomited, and sleep deprivation for entire days."
His family released a statement shortly after the court ruled to release him, saying, "the entire argument in the court throughout stages of the arrest was that they're dealing with a ticking bomb as it were, and it was a lie from the beginning and they led the court, the politicians and the public astray."
"We call to establish a parliamentary investigation committee to examine the video tapes from the interrogation so that the truth behind the claims of torture will reach the light," added the family.

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