onsdag 25 maj 2016

Hur Abbas skolor utbildar nya terrorister med svenska pengar

Sveriges pensionärers alla miljoner går till "demokratiserande" av PA och Gaza och därmed till skolorna.  Nån som upptäckt ett enda tecken på ökad demokrati? Man förmodar att undervisningen får en ordentlig hög med pengar. Som sköts enligt nedanstående artikel - totalt utan kontroll från Sverige.

Palestinian Authority schools use mock executions of Israelis and propaganda plays to prepare the next generation of murderous terrorists

By David Rosenberg
First Publish: 5/25/2016, 8:23 PM

Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades terrorists
Ahmad Khateib/Flash 90

Palestinian Authority schools have long been used to foster anti-Semitic sentiments in young Arabs.

Some schools, however, have taken the messages of hate – printed in official Palestinian Authority textbooks and broadcast on public television – to the next level, openly inciting violence to produce the next generation of murderous terrorists.

An expose by the Palestinian Media Watch, which tracks incitement and anti-Semitic rhetoric in the Palestinian Authority, has revealed a disturbing pattern of behavior by PA schools, many of which use drama and “cultural studies” to enact murder scenes – and glorify them.

For example, at the Tuqu High School for Boys – a state-run school in the Bethlehem area – hundreds of students watched a performance intended to perpetuate PA blood libels against Israelis.

PA "knife libel" school play Palestinian Media Watch

During the play in question, Israeli soldiers arrest a young Arab man, plant a knife next to him, then shoot him in cold blood, claiming their lives were in danger. The young man is then carried away and hailed as a martyr.

For younger students, the messaging is even more direct – and brutal.

At the Al-Surra Elementary School near Hevron, a young boy wearing a large “Palestine” sash guns down another boy dressed as an Israeli soldier in a mock execution.

The soldier is shown on his knees, holding up his hands in surrender. Nevertheless, after the “execution”, the shooter smiles in satisfaction and is cheered by his classmates.

Mock execution in PA elementary school Palestinian Media Watch

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