lördag 25 mars 2017

MERS-virus eller kärlek eller vaddå?

Jag fick syn på en gammal artikel, vet inte varför mitt öga fångades in.

Hmmm, scientists may have discovered a link between camels and the deadly Middle East MERS virus

Since the virus was first identified last September, there have been 94 cases, including 46 deaths, from MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, mostly in Saudi Arabia. Aside from several clusters where the virus has likely spread between people, experts are stumped as to how patients got infected.


Washington Post In a preliminary study published on Friday, European scientists found traces of antibodies against the MERS virus in dromedary, or one-humped, camels, but not the virus itself. Finding antibodies means the camels were at one point infected with MERS or a similar virus before fighting off the infection.

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