söndag 4 oktober 2015

Netanyahus övervikt i Knesset lövtunn. PA:s absurda anklagelser.

DNs DN1  kommentarer är som alltid roliga.
Lika absurda som PA:s (Palestinian Authority) anklagelser mot Israel att terrorister har råkat illa ut efter att ha mördat judar. Se nedan. Intressant: PA skapades 1993 genom Osloavtalet. Också länk. Nu när  Abbas har deklarerat att han inte längre accepterar Osloavtalet finns alltså inte heller PA. Inte för att det har hindrat Löven från att överösa dem med pengar

Netanyahu har 61 röster i Knesset, hoppar någon av hans partner av eftersom han inte gör något signifikant för att stoppa terrorn, så sitter han där.

Is the Government's Wafer-Thin Majority in Danger?

Narrow 61-MK majority at risk, as Jewish Home MK threatens to vote against gov't if decisive action not taken to quell terrorism.

By Ido Ben Porat
First Publish: 10/4/2015, 3:32 PM

MK Smotrich

If he doesn't start doing something substantive to stop terror, said MK Bezalel Smotrich, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu may find himself without a coalition majority – because he will not support a government that is not doing its utmost to fight terror.

Smotrich laid out his position in a Facebook message directed at Netanyahu earlier Sunday. “The Jewish Home Party, of which I am a member, has made very clear and specific demands for security. We have demanded that you no longer prevent security forces from doing their job in fighting terrorism; that you allow building in all of Judea and Samaria, without any limitations; and that you return all the terrorists freed in the Gilad Shalit deal to prison.

Smotrich said that those conditions were the “minimum that needed to be done right now.” While he couldn't speak for the rest of his party, said Smotrich, “don't assume I am going to vote with your coalition on other issues if you do not intend to act appropriately,” he wrote.

Netanyahu, on his way back to Israel from attending the UN General Assembly in New York, said earlier Sunday in response to the terror attacks of recent days that “we are waging a bitter war against terror - and we will do so vigorously.” The “'moderates' of the Palestinian Authority and [our] alleged peace partner," the Prime Minister charged. "I am now on my way to Israel and when I arrive I will head immediately to the Kirya to meet with top security officials to adjudicate a harsh response to Palestinian Islamic terrorism.” [Och mer snack?]

Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Banita Bennett, 21, were both murdered as a result of Saturday’s terrorist attack. Bennett's wife, Adelle Banita, 22, and their two-year-old son were also injured. Later Saturday night, an Arab terrorist attempted to stab a Jewish youth in central Jerusalem.

Och vad säger PA, Abbas regim som uppstod i och med Osloavtalet och försvinner om Abbas säger upp det?

Palestinian Authority Condemns Jerusalem Closure as 'Escalation'

PA denounces Israeli security measures over remaining days of Sukkot, Simchat Torah, aimed at preventing further deadly attacks.

Palestinian Authority Slams 'Killing' of Two Terrorists

Israel leading region into 'new cycle of violence,' Palestinian Authority bizarrely accuses in wake of two Arab terror attacks.

Vad säger den vanliga palAraben, Löfvéns systerfolk som är överösta av svenska pensionärers stulna pengar?

Arab Witnesses Laughed, Spat at Wounded Terror Victim

Widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett described the savagery of Arab passersby, who laughed as she fought death.

De palArabiska terroristerna tvingar fram dödsstraff, det är tydligt.

Och vad säger EU?

George Galloway Calls for 'New Intifada'

Notorious anti-Israel politician 'will support [third intifada] with every breath God gives me.'

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